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The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival: Great Family Fun!

When you are in Louisiana and looking for a great way to have some fun with your family, then you should go to the Fur and Wildlife Festival. There are numerous events and things for people of all ages to take part in and see. Making a day out of this festival is a great way to make memories together.

One of the great events that the Fur and Wildlife Festival has is the talent show. It is a great opportunity for people to show off their talents and is a great time for those watching. You and your family can spend time watching all of the unique talents people have. There are also pageants held that are fun to watch. The ages within these pageants rang from infants through adults.

Some of the other events that take place at the Fur and Wildlife Festival are perfect for the hunting enthusiasts. There are a wide range of competitions for bird calling as well as animal skinning, trap setting, skeet shooting and dog trials.

There are also carnival rides and plenty of food for the whole family to enjoy. The Fur and Wildlife Festival is a great place to spend time with your loved ones.You thought this was good? Brace yourself: Anonymous Liberators Free 2,400 Minks from Fur Farm in Idaho
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Why is There a Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

Billed as "one of the oldest and coldest festivals in Louisiana" the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival in downtown Cameron, La. is an annual event honoring the farming industry since 1955. The festival has a long, and storied, history beginning with the efforts of local Congressman T.A. Thompson to publicize the region's fur trapping and agricultural heritage.

Cameron can be cold during the January festival, but the reception always is warm as the festival promotes local industries including oil, cattle, shrimp, alligator, duck hunting and, of course, fur trapping and local wildlife resources.

The festival brings together tens of thousands of people from the area with gumbo cook-offs, a fairgrounds with carnival, trap shooting, oyster shucking and all things outdoor. The two-day festival kicks off with dog trials and ends with a grand parade.

Other highlights include crowning Miss Cameron Parish and the Queen Fur Pageant along with a talent show and other contests. The grand finale on Saturday night is the Queen's Ball held at the Cameron Multipurpose Center.

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival has been a regional star for more than 50 years due to its abundance of education, entertainment and just plain, good old country fun.
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How Long will the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival Last?

According to verbal legend, Congressman T. A. Thompson, who is now deceased but formerly represented the area in Louisiana that includes Cameron, came up with the idea for a festival after receiving a dare from a congressman in Maryland. As a result of the Maryland official's challenge, Thompson sent a Louisiana trapper, Leo Hebert, to compete in the National Fur Skinning Contest at the National Outdoor Show held in the Northeast. Hebert took fifth place in the nation. From such beginnings, the Louisiana Fur And Wildlife Festival sprang.

Present day visitors find the two-day Louisiana festival now includes such activities as skeet shooting, goose and duck calling, muskrat skinning, oyster shucking and a gumbo cook-off. In addition, spectators enjoy carnival rides, plenty of regional food, live music and dancing.

Each year, a different industry from a list of nine is chosen to be honored at the festival. The list includes fur, shrimp, cattle, oyster, farming and rice, menhaden, fur, hunting and wildlife, alligator and oil. A pageant is held to choose a queen for the current festival. Likewise, a man is selected as King Fur each year to be a representative of the particular industry that is presently being honored.
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Who Puts on the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

For more than 50 years, the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival has drawn huge crowds to Cameron, Louisiana, for contests, pageants, a ball, music, and more. Over its history, the festival has evolved from a gathering of trappers to a full-fledged area event that draws thousands each year.

The festival actually began on the whim of Congressman T.A. Thompson in 1955. He was challenged by a fellow Congressman to send one of Cameron's best trappers to try his hand at the National Fur Skinning Contest. He placed fifth, and that ignited a huge interest in holding a local contest.

Later that summer, a group of people met in Cameron to begin talking about holding a skinning festival in Louisiana. The first festival was held with nearly no budget, and in the middle of the bitterly cold winter, but was still highly successful. From there, the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival only grew in size and stature. It soon became a festival akin to the National Fur Skinning Contest, and the two events began trading contestants and pageant winners for extra publicity.

Today the festival endures as one of the most beloved events, as well as being the oldest, in the entire state. It is still funded through donations and money earned in previous years, and still pays homage to the trappers and skinners who serve as an economic backbone in Cameron.
11 Jul

When Did the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival Start?

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is one of the oldest traditions in Louisiana. This annual event was originally founded by the late Congressman T.A Thompson in 1955. This festival features a parade, as well as many other exciting events. The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival takes place every January at the fairgrounds in downtown Cameron, Louisiana.

One of the highlights of the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is the Cajun music and dancing. Several live entertainment acts are set to take the stage. People always enjoy the oyster shucking and skeet shooting competitions, as well.Get more information here. http://www.sacbee.com/2012/06/18/4569131/renamed-cajun-festival-spices.html Other contests include trap shooting, muskrat skinning, duck calling and goose calling contests. The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival features pageants each year, where local babies, children and teens compete for trophies and titles. The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival Queen is also crowned at the end of the pageant. The dog trials are a favorite part of the festival for many people and are back for the first time since Hurricane Rita swept through the area in 2005.

The gumbo cook-off is the highlight for many festival visitors. Cookbooks are available for sale that feature local recipes and photos from the previous year's festival. The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is steeped in Cajun tradition and is a must see for anyone visiting the area.
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What will be at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is held yearly during January in Cameron, Louisiana. The schedule is full of activities that both the young and old enjoy. Let's take a look at what will be at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival.

General activities

A carnival with games and rides will be set up on the fairgrounds. There will be special bands providing music for dances, and everyone will enjoy eating at the food booths. A city parade is one of the festival's highlights. Competitions

Competitions will run the gamut of outdoor life in Louisiana. Trap setting, skeet shooting, nutria and muskrat skinning, oyster shucking and duck and goose calling are a sample of what to expect. This year, much to the delight of the visitors, the hunting dog trials were back.

The pageants

Lavish pageants will be held in several divisions. There is a 0-6 year old division, the Miss Cameron division, the King Fur division and the favorite pageant of all: the Festival Queen.

The gumbo cook-off

The competing teams prepare gumbo for a minimum of 20 people, choosing between seafood, chicken or wild game for their meat. A sample will be presented to the judges to taste, after which visitors will have the opportunity to sample the different recipes as well.
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Who is Going: the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

The Louisana Fur and Wildlife Festival is known as one of the oldest and coldest festivals in Louisiana. There are many fun activities for family and friends to participate in. Young ladies can participate in the pageant, to compete for the position of La Fur and Wildlife Festival Queen. Young teenagers also can participate and compete for Parish positions.

For those who aren't big fans of pageants but love outdoor activities, the weekend is full of competitions that sportsmen can participate in: dog trials where you see which dog is the best at retrieving, duck and goose calling, and trap shooting.Additional information can be found at http://animalblawg.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/4650/. Muskrat and nutria skinning is also a competition that can be found at this festival. The first Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival ever held had a muskrat skinning competition and the winner skinned a total of five muskrats in only 53 3/5 seconds, quite a feat! Oyster shucking is another competition that takes place. While it is fun to compete against each other, it also is fun to watch competitors go for the win.

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is a fun event for sportsmen and people who enjoy the outdoors. It's a festival where everyone can have a good time.
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Where is the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is an annual event held in Cameron, Louisiana each year. There are a number of different activities available, and this year, they included a beauty pageant for children up to the age of six who lived in Cameron Parish. In addition, there is trap shooting, a carnival and a band. Attendees were also given the opportunity to participate in a duck and goose calling contest, which was fun for all ages and there was a parade when the festival was halfway through its second day.

Billed as "One of the Coldest and Oldest Festivals in Louisiana", Cameron Louisiana has been welcoming visitors each year to this unique festival since 1955. Originally being held with very little money, people willing to follow a dream and not much more, it has grown to a two day festival that offers fun for the entire family at a reasonable cost. The raccoon was chosen as the mascot that year and continues to be honored as such each year, to the delight of many.

Cameron, Louisiana is a small town without many residents. Devestated by hurricanes in 2005 and 2008, the proud residents have continued to host this event. It is an important event that is symbolic of the pride associated with Southerners, in their roots, their families and themselves.
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When is the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is hosted on the 13th and 14th of January. The festival is put on to honor the shrimping industry of Louisiana. It was originally started in 1955 by the congressman at the time. Since then it has been a popular attraction to those living in and around Cameron, Louisiana.

The festival offers a range of activities and attractions for festival goers to enjoy. Some of the events include: Muskrat and Nutria Skinning, Trap Setting, Oyster Shucking, and Dog Trials. Other attractions include duck and goose calling competition, a parade and a pageant.Want more? Click here/tag

There will be vendors offering local food options as well as the famous Gumbo Cook-off which is one of the most popular attractions at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival. For those who would like to compete in the cook-off, an application must be filled out and approved beforehand. For food lovers, a color cookbook is also available on the fairground or at any of the pageant locations.

The varied outdoor/skill attractions, the gumbo cook-off and the pageants at various age levels are all some of the great benefits that fair goers can attend at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival.

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