19 Jun

When is the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival?

The Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival is hosted on the 13th and 14th of January. The festival is put on to honor the shrimping industry of Louisiana. It was originally started in 1955 by the congressman at the time. Since then it has been a popular attraction to those living in and around Cameron, Louisiana.

The festival offers a range of activities and attractions for festival goers to enjoy. Some of the events include: Muskrat and Nutria Skinning, Trap Setting, Oyster Shucking, and Dog Trials. Other attractions include duck and goose calling competition, a parade and a pageant.Want more? Click here/tag

There will be vendors offering local food options as well as the famous Gumbo Cook-off which is one of the most popular attractions at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival. For those who would like to compete in the cook-off, an application must be filled out and approved beforehand. For food lovers, a color cookbook is also available on the fairground or at any of the pageant locations.

The varied outdoor/skill attractions, the gumbo cook-off and the pageants at various age levels are all some of the great benefits that fair goers can attend at the Louisiana Fur and Wildlife Festival.

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